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Visitors to Canada Allowed to Apply for Work Permits


In August 2020 the Government of Canada instituted a temporary policy that allows a visitor to Canada to apply for a work permit. This policy is being extended to August 2021.

As part of this policy, a visitor does not have to leave Canada but can apply within its borders for the work permit once in the country. The work permit will include the following information:

  • type of work allowed
  • where work is allowed
  • how long work is allowed
  • the employer for whom work is allowed

A visitor who wants to apply under this policy needs to:

  • have valid and legal visitor status in Canada
  • remain in Canada with valid and legal visitor status
  • secure a job offer
  • apply for the work permit for that employer, including a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or exemption
  • meet all other criteria to be allowed in the country

This will apply to visitors irrespective of when they entered the country.

This policy could help visitors provide while in Canada.