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Seeking an ‘Agent FREE’ immigration paid representative for your Canadian Immigration support? 

Seeking an ‘Agent FREE’ immigration paid representative for your Canadian Immigration support? 

Good day ladies and Gentlemen, this is IRC news and we are coming to you from the Polinsys outdoor studios in the beautiful Atlantic coastal town of Pleasant Point, Nova Scotia. 

Hiring a foreign agent without direct access to a Canadian Authorized Representative can be equated to seeking support from a foreign organization that lacks legal jurisdiction within the Canadian Government. This situation is comparable to engaging a deceptive consultant who falsely claims affiliation with a foreign ‘Agency.’ Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from dealing with foreign agents unless you have direct access to a Canadian Paid Authorized Representative and have written confirmation of the promised services by the Paid Authorized Representative. 

To ensure compliance with the Canadian immigration system, it is important to consider the following guidelines: 

  1. If you choose to engage an experienced Canadian counsel, it is crucial to maintain open dialogue with your Canadian Authorized Representative. Confirm all approaches and agreements in writing to ensure clarity and accountability. 
  1. Merely signing a contract is not sufficient. Contracts are generally broad in nature and should only serve the purpose of payment to a Canadian Authorized Representative. Do not allow your agent to monitor immigration websites or provide immigration advice. These tasks can be accomplished independently without the need for an authorized representative. Exercise caution when dealing with foreign companies or individuals. A recent trend involves foreign nationals becoming ‘partners’ in Canadian corporations merely to create the illusion of working with a Canadian entity. However, it is important to remember that foreign nationals may be outside the reach of the Canadian legal jurisdiction. 
  1. Be cautious of foreign agents who hire foreign nationals from former Canadian corporations and present them as equals to a Canadian Authorized Representative. There may be reasons why the foreign national was terminated from a Canadian corporation. 
  1. Not all Paid Authorized Representatives are equal. They possess different skill sets and professional standards. Some are part-timers, and many use foreign entities to do their work. The best way to identify a good Paid Authorized Representative is to obtain a reliable FREE evaluation from a Canadian Paid Authorized Representative, which will inform you about their expertise. Make sure to obtain the evaluation in writing and never share it with another Authorized Representative or entity. 
  1. Large offices with a substantial foreign workforce and no Paid Authorized Representative present are not conducive to maintaining professional advice and approach for Canadian Immigration. Keep in mind that the Canadian Government processes permanent residence applications without even seeing the applicant. Follow the guidelines posted on the Canadian Government website and deal directly with a Paid Authorized Representative, even if it has to be done online, if you need Canadian Immigration help. 
  1. As a consumer unfamiliar with the Canadian system and regulations, the best way to identify a good Paid Authorized Representative is to obtain their free initial evaluation, which will indicate their experience and capabilities to meet your needs. Unfortunately, in developing countries, many consumers take a properly evaluated free initial evaluation from a Paid Authorized Representative and negotiate the price by showing it to a FAKE or inexperienced Paid Authorized Representative, hoping for a lower price. It is extremely easy for a FAKE or inexperienced Paid Authorized Representative to provide any price when they lack the expertise. Therefore, please DO NOT share a good FREE evaluation by an experienced Paid Authorized Representative with a Fake or a Foreign Agent. All Paid Representatives are not equal, and foreign agents tend to mimic a good evaluation without possessing the required expertise. To protect consumers and identify a good Paid Authorized Representative, NEVER share one representative’s evaluation with another, but evaluate the evaluations yourself. 

Avoid involving foreign agents, especially if you are from a developing country. Remember that reputable and experienced Paid Representatives are based in Canada, and adhering to the Canadian legal jurisdiction is in your best interest. Keep in mind that the Canadian government processes Canadian Permanent Residence and citizenship applications without physical interaction. Therefore, it is advisable to deal directly with Canadian Paid Representatives through the Canadian Government website. Contact them directly to ensure all communication is in writing and in line with Canadian norms. The choice of whether to engage with organizations or individuals who are not Canadian Authorized Representatives ultimately rests with you. 

Paid Representatives are entitled to compensation for any immigration-related services they provide. Many paid representatives also offer free initial evaluations for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) programs. Please use the FREE evaluation to determine which Paid Authorized Representative is suitable for you. DO NOT share an experienced Authorized Representative’s evaluation with another. To obtain a FREE written evaluation from an experienced Canadian Authorized Representative, you can access the link displayed on my screen. If you have questions about Canada Immigration Services, please attend the FREE Canadian Zoom Meeting, credentials are posted on the website  

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