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Saskatchewan Draw Issues 279 Invitations to Apply on 8 April 2021


In a draw held on 8 April 2021, 279 Invitations to Apply were drawn by Saskatchewan’s Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). All candidates were in the International Skilled Worker category of the SINP, specifically in the Express Entry subcategory (146 invitations) and the Occupations In-Demand subcategory (133 invitations).

Those in the Express Entry subcategory needed to have an up-to-date profile in Canada’s federal Express Entry immigration system, as there is a link between the two. These candidates must create Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles to potentially receive an invitation for a provincial nomination by the Saskatchewan government.

Those in the Occupations In-Demand subcategory are not required to have a federal Express Entry profile, nor are they required to have a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer. However, they are required to have work experience in one of 58 specified occupations under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system. These are considered in demand by the Government of Saskatchewan, and include, among other occupations, social and community service workers, medical laboratory technologists, and manufacturing managers.

All of the candidates were required to create EOI profiles and supply information to receive a score out of 100 from the SINP’s scoring system. The profile requested criteria such as education and work experience, as this is thought to determine a candidate’s chances of success if settling in Saskatchewan. Higher scores are more likely to receive invitations from the SINP. The candidates that received invitations in this latest draw had a minimum score of 70.

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