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Permanent Residence in Canada


A Permanent Resident in Canada is someone who has immigrated and been given this status by the Government of Canada. A Permanent Resident is not a citizen of Canada. A person who is in Canada on a temporary basis such as a student or temporary worker is not a Permanent Resident.

Once a person becomes a Permanent Resident of Canada, they carry a PR card. This card will be needed to prove their status in Canada. If travelling outside Canada, the PR card and a passport will be needed to return to Canada.

Permanent Residents have certain rights within Canada. These include access to most social benefits including health coverage, protection under Canadian law, and the freedom to live, work, or study anywhere in the country. Permanent Residents cannot vote in Canada. A Permanent Resident has responsibilities too like paying taxes and following Canadian laws.

Once a person has Permanent Resident status in Canada, they can apply to become a Canadian citizen.