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New Paths to Permanent Residence in Canada Open May 6


Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will begin accepting applications for its six new paths to Permanent Residence beginning at noon Eastern time on Thursday, May 6.

Once on the application portal, candidates will be assessed for eligibility under the new paths for immigration. There will be online forms to complete and documents to submit, depending on the application path.

The six new paths to immigration and Permanent Residence in Canada include:

  • Temporary health care workers (20,000 applications)
  • Temporary essential workers (30,000 applications)
  • International graduates from Canadian schools (40,000 applications)
  • Temporary health care workers – French or bilingual (no cap)
  • Temporary essential workers – French or bilingual (no cap)
  • International graduates from Canadian schools – French or bilingual (no cap)

These new options for immigrants will help Canada fight the pandemic and aid in economic recovery for the country. It will also help meet immigration goals since travel restrictions are still in place.

Immigrants who are interested are encouraged to investigate these opportunities further and look at Permanent Residence in Canada.