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More Doctors Recruited to Rural Communities, released by Saskatchewan on 13 March 2024

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news, I am Joy Stephen, a certified Canadian Immigration practitioner, and I bring to you this Provincial News Bulletin from the province of Saskatchewan. This recording originates from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario.

  Fourteen new physicians are now practicing in rural communities across Saskatchewan after completing the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) program in December.

Planning is underway to further increase the number of training seats that SIPPA offers. The number of training seats was previously expanded from 36 to 45 each year under Saskatchewan’s Health Human Resources Action Plan.

Over the past 12 years, 539 physicians from around the world have successfully completed the SIPPA program. Currently, 304 are practicing in the province, 77 per cent of whom have established practice in rural or regional communities.

The SIPPA program assesses internationally educated physicians on their medical training and clinical ability as part of the licensure process to practice medicine in Saskatchewan. Through a return-of-service contract, they agree to work in the province for a minimum of three years upon completion of the SIPPA assessment.

Physician recruitment and retention efforts in the province are ongoing. Recently, Saskatchewan physicians accepted a competitive new four-year contract which includes a general rate increase as well as increased funding to support long term retention, parental leave and continuing medical education.

The Rural Physician Incentive Program also offers up to $200,000 over five years to help recruit physicians to rural and regional communities.

Physicians interested in working in Saskatchewan are encouraged to contact the Saskatchewan Health Care Recruitment Agency directly at, toll-free 1-888-415-3627 or 306-933-5000.
The recent announcement holds crucial implications for Foreign Physicians contemplating a move to Saskatchewan. By providing insights into the existing opportunities, it equips Physicians with the necessary information to adapt their immigration strategies in anticipation of the sector’s evolving demands. 

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