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How Immigrants are Selected for Canada


Immigrants are selected for immigration to Canada based on a number of factors:

  • the contribution they can bring to the Canadian economy
  • humanitarian basis
  • bringing families together
  • benefiting communities across the country

Recently, more immigrants who can add to Canada’s economy are being allowed to immigrate to Canada. Provinces and territories are also selecting more immigrants for economic reasons. The selection process includes skilled immigrants. Businesses and provinces/territories give their input before decisions are made on how many immigrants to allow into Canada each year.

A points system helps determine if a skilled immigrant is selected for Canadian immigration. The points system considers:

  • education
  • work experience
  • valid job offer in Canada
  • provincial or territorial nomination
  • language skills in English or French

The highest scoring applicants for immigration would be selected.

Immigrants are screened thoroughly before being allowed to immigrate to Canada. This includes:

  • possessing a valid passport
  • a photo and fingerprints
  • a medical exam to determine good health
  • a police check
  • no violation of human rights

Canada funds settlement services for immigrants which help them add to society. These services can help connect immigrants to others, learn about life in their community and in Canada, and more.

Immigrants are selected for multiple reasons and add to life in Canada.