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Federal and Provincial Governments Invest More Than $51 Million in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements Across Saskatchewan, released by Saskatchewan on 29 February 2024

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news, I am Joy Stephen, a certified Canadian Immigration practitioner, and I bring to you this Provincial News Bulletin from the province of Saskatchewan. This recording originates from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario.

Craven, Saskatchewan, February 29, 2024 – Communities across Saskatchewan are upgrading critical public infrastructure through 34 projects after a joint investment of more than $51 million from the federal and provincial governments.

Announced by Minister Dan Vandal and Minister Don McMorris, these projects will ensure the continued availability of a safe and reliable drinking water supply and the effective treatment of wastewater for generations to come.

“From agriculture to energy production to hydration, water is essential to healthy and sustainable communities,” Minister Vandal said. “That is why our government is proud to announce these investments to upgrade critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure across Saskatchewan. By improving access to essential services and amenities, we are enhancing the quality of housing and enabling communities to meet the critical infrastructure demands associated with growth. We will continue to work with partners to invest in projects that foster a better tomorrow for all Saskatchewanians.”

“The value of these projects is so much more than dollars: it’s setting communities on a course for continued growth and renewal,” Government Relations Minister Don McMorris said. “As we move into spring construction season, this new and improved infrastructure will produce immediate and long-term benefits and build excitement within our communities as they continue to grow and protect the quality of life of their residents for generations to come.”

The Village of Craven will receive funding to improve its water treatment facility and systems to comply with federal and provincial regulations. Work will include the installation of two new water supply wells and the integration of two filters into the existing facility. These efforts will address current and projected water supply and treatment needs, providing residents with a source of safe drinking water.

Funding will also support the construction of a sewage lagoon spanning approximately 6.7 hectares in the Town of Vonda. The new structure will be situated within agricultural land, complying with current wastewater treatment regulations. This important work will not only ensure the infrastructure needs of this small and vibrant community are met but will also support expansion and environmental protection.

The Town of Redvers will see upgrades to their water treatment plant. This will include substituting the current water treatment process with two systems that are better at removing contaminants. The facility will also add more water storage and a back-up power source, positioning it for growth.
These drinking water and wastewater improvement projects align with the vision for a green Prairie economy that is prosperous, sustainable, and benefits everyone. By investing in infrastructure, the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are growing the economy, building resilient communities, and improving the lives of residents.

This development holds particular relevance for foreign professionals contemplating immigration to Saskatchewan, as it offers valuable insight into the prevailing opportunities within their sector. Armed with this information, skilled workers can better tailor their immigration strategies to align with the demands and requirements of the the provincial landscape. 

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