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Entrepreneur Immigration to Canada – Business Immigration


If you want to immigrate to Canada, consider Business Immigration. If you have experience as a business owner or manager, you may be able to buy a business that is already established and immigrate to Canada. There are multiple businesses in Canada for purchase, including those from retiring business owners.

Advantages to buying a business that is already established include:

  • Owning a business that is already operating in Canada
  • Owning a business that is established in the province/region
  • Being your own boss and not relying on another company or boss for work
  • Benefiting from clientele that already frequent the business
  • Expansion and growth opportunities for the business

You need to consider the following under this plan:

  • Determine your skills, experience, and background
  • Determine the business you want to buy and operate
  • Determine that it is a viable business and that you have a long-term plan to operate the business successfully
  • Determine if you have the funds or investment to purchase the business
  • Determine if the business can employ Canadians or Permanent Residents
  • Determine if the business will continue to contribute to the Canadian economy

You may be able to apply for a temporary Work Permit while qualifying to immigrate to Canada and buy an established business.

Business Immigration can help you qualify to immigrate to Canada and become a Permanent Resident.