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Canada’s Immigration Programs


If you or a family member are thinking of immigrating to Canada, there are several programs that can help with immigration. Polinsys can represent and help potential immigrants with Canadian immigration.

Canada’s immigration programs include:

Express Entry – immigrate as a skilled worker

Start-Up Visa – immigrate by starting a business and employing others

Self-Employed – immigrate through involvement in athletics or culture

Family Sponsorship – immigrate through sponsorship by a family member

Refugee – immigrate as a refugee from another country

Caregiver – immigrate as a caregiver for children, elderly, disabled

Agri-Food Pilot – immigrate as a worker in specific agricultural jobs or industries

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot – immigrate to support small or remote communities

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – immigrate by working or graduating from a school in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, or Newfoundland and Labrador

Provincial Nominee Programs – immigrate through nomination by a provincial or territorial program

If you or relatives living abroad would like information about Canadian immigration programs and how Polinsys can help, please fill in the form below. Let Polinsys help with immigration to Canada.