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Canada’s Border Restrictions during the Pandemic


The majority of Canadians want their borders to remain closed during the pandemic, at least for the time being, and they want proof of vaccination when the borders do open.

Canada’s border is currently closed for non-essential international travel until at least July 21, 2021. As vaccinations for Covid ramp up, plans are being worked on to reopen Canada to more travellers. Prime Minister Trudeau has indicated that the border will reopen when at least 75 percent of Canada’s population has been vaccinated. Canada is working on a national vaccination certification status program for travellers.

Until the border restrictions are dropped, only certain people are allowed to enter Canada. These include Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their families; some international students; and certain temporary foreign workers. There are restrictions and quarantine rules in place for those who are allowed to enter Canada.

Canada’s borders are closed for now and will continue to be until vaccinations are more complete for Canadians and other travellers to the country.