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Canada’s 2021 Election and Immigration


Canada’s federal election in 2021 will affect immigration for some time.

The federal government is responsible for much of immigration in Canada. Federal and provincial governments share immigration, with the federal government making the final decision on who enters the country. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will take its direction on immigration based on the political party in power after the election.

All the major political parties in Canada are in favour of immigration in 2021. There are likely to be some differences as policies are discussed and implemented.

Immigrants and refugees are generally welcomed in Canada. Canadians by and large accept immigrants as part of society in the country.

Questions remain about how to help immigrants and refugees once they are in the country. Policies will have to be changed, updated, and followed as needed, depending on circumstances in the country and the world. Housing, food, and many other issues need to be addressed as these people become part of Canadian society. Resettlement services are available in Canada too.

The immigration system needs addressing. There is a backlog of immigration applications, and the system itself is outdated and needs technical updating.

Immigration is an important issue that the political parties and Canadian government will have to address during and after the federal election of 2021.