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Canada Day


Canada Day is a holiday when Canadians celebrate Canada’s birthday. Though the pandemic and domestic issues changed somewhat how Canada Day was celebrated, Canadians across the country celebrated the day.

On July 1st, 1867, the British North America Act, known as the Constitution Act of 1867, created the country of Canada. This day was later called Dominion Day. In 1982 Dominion Day was officially called Canada Day.

Canada Day is a statutory holiday in Canada. Canadians are very proud of their country and culture. Canadians are grateful to be part of Canada.

Canadians celebrate this day enjoying the weather outdoors, barbeques and ice cream, at the beach, with music, and lighting up the night sky with fireworks. Canadians are a happy, generous, and kind people and enjoy celebrating their country.

Canadians love to celebrate Canada on Canada Day.