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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Deadline for Permanent Residence


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP is an immigration program that began in 2017. It was started to help the economies of the Atlantic provinces in Canada. The Atlantic provinces include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The current AIPP program has a deadline of March 5, 2022 for an endorsed applicant to apply for Permanent Residence.

Workers receive a job offer from a designated employer under the AIPP. A designated employer is allowed by the federal or provincial governments to hire foreign workers. They have submitted their labour needs and reasons why they are hiring foreign workers.

Workers need to be able to fill the job requirements, get an educational credential evaluation, be tested in language proficiency, and have resettlement funds.

The AIPP can be a path to immigration and Permanent Residence in Canada.