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11 key points to consider when selecting a Canadian Immigration Consultant  

11 key points to consider when selecting a Canadian Immigration Consultant  

Public Service Video from IRCnews: Selecting a Paid Canadian Authorized Representative who can assist with immigration is a significant decision. To ensure you make the right choice, here are 10 essential checkpoints to guide you:    

  1. The landscape of immigration consulting has dramatically changed over time. For years, the field consisted of fewer than 1500 consultants. However, regulation changes have increased this number to tens of thousands today, many of them recently arrived Permanent Residents.    
  1. Be aware that many consultants or authorized representatives are part-timers, who merely provide form-filling services with the aid of foreign companies, contributing little to the process. Opt for consultants with substantive knowledge who can effectively represent clients, keeping in mind that overseas consultants or corporations are beyond the jurisdiction of Canadian regulators, limiting recourse in case of fraud.    
  1. Many experienced and proficient Canadian Authorized Representatives reside in Canada. It’s a common misconception, particularly in developing countries, that large offices indicate a reputable service. Visiting grand offices or relying on verbal confirmations often lead to fraud. Instead, verify your potential Authorized Representative (AR) on the Canadian Government website (Link on my screen and in the description section of this video), assess their online presence and expertise, and consider remote hiring.    
  1. Pay an AR for their working hours. Some ARs may charge a fixed fee based on an approximate timeframe. Never pay large sums without understanding what the fees cover.    
  1. Any promise of guaranteed success with your Canadian immigration process is a red flag; such guarantees are discouraged by the Canadian Government and the Regulator. Report individuals making such promises to the RCMP. You may even become eligible for a victim’s open work permit.    
  1. Note that low charges for work often reflect a lack of experience. Promises of assured outcomes from immigration services are illegal. Report such violations at (Link on my screen and in the description section of this video) When filing complaints with the Canadian regulator, ensure your claims are genuine and supported by evidence.    
  1. Avoid dealings with foreign companies or Canadian companies with foreign directors, as they often mislead when outside the Canadian Government’s legal jurisdiction.  


  1. A free evaluation from your prospective Canadian Authorized Representative can give insights into their genuineness, expertise, and effectiveness. If the evaluation is detailed and customized for your circumstances, it’s usually a positive sign. However, avoid sharing one AR’s evaluation with another AR as this can lead to misuse of information.    
  1. Conduct online research about your Authorized Representative. Their digital footprint and longevity can reveal their experience. Trust only documented commitments rather than verbal assurances.    
  1. A consultant’s recruitment experience can be an asset, particularly for employer-driven immigration programs. Therefore, verify their recruitment license with the Saskatchewan (Link on my screen and in the description section of this video) or Nova Scotia (Link on my screen and in the description section of this video) licensing bodies.   

Remember, due diligence is key in finding the right Canadian Authorized Representative to support your immigration journey. This public service video will be modified every year during the fraud prevention month of the Canadian Immigration department. For a good review from an experienced AR, please visit  

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